OSD Premium 12 Outdoor Subwoofer

An outdoor subwoofer that gets installed in the ground.

OSD Outdoor Subwoofer


  • Looks subtle and can blend into the landscaping
  • When it works, its nice
  • A nice idea


  • It doesn't work for very long. Its unreliable
  • It's pricey for the quality of the subwoofer
  • Shipping for the RMA is not covered
  • Difficult to find detailed specs

Watch out for:

  • $160 to receive a replacement unit; Just get a new sub from a reputable company.

Verdict: Verdict


I was hesitant to purchase the OSD Premium 12" In-Ground Outdoor Subwoofer because of the mixed reviews of the product and the high cost, but decided to make the splurge anyway after a while. Initially, after receiving the item I was happily surprised with the performance. I purchased this to complete my outdoor soundsystem and add some bass to the set of Polk Atrium 8s I previously installed. This subwoofer really completed the package and made the outdoor listening experience a pleasure. This really rounded out the depth the soundsystem was missing.

This feeling lasted about 8 weeks: Eventually, the subwoofer stopped working. It's really frustrating when expensive products break under normal usage. Once you factor in the fact that this product is installed into the ground, and you will have to dig it up once it breaks frustrating becomes too mild a descriptor.

I contacted the manufacturer and to their credit, they confirmed the issue was a frozen driver and offered to replace the unit. That's nice. You must ship them the old one first on your own dime, which cost me $160. That's not so nice.

I'm already $400+ into this thing, so I decided to spend the extra $160 to get it replaced because when it worked, it provided a great experience for the family. Who knows, maybe it was a fluke and the replacement would be just fine.

It wasn't just fine. The replacement unit arrived during the end of fall, near the beginning of the winter season, so it sat in the box in the basement for a few months. Once Spring started to roll around I figured I'd get it ready and test the unit out before reinstalling it in the ground. The replacement worked for all of five seconds. What a waste of money.

Instead of going through that mess of process again, I went to Amazon and purchased a 12" Polk marine subwoofer and replaced the burnt OSD garbage (it literally smelled burnt). I had to make some modifications to get the new subwoofer to fit. Now my outdoor soundsystem is back on point and sounds better than it ever had, it just cost me $690 (400 + 160 + 130) before taxes to get there.

The OSD Premium 12" Outdoor Subwoofer is a decent subwoofer enclosure with a steaming hot garbage (literally in my case) subwoofer occupying it. For the price, look elsewhere. If you ignore this warning, maybe get the protection plan or have a backup subwoofer on-deck.

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