FastCap Glubot

The FastCap Glu-Bot is a wood glue dispensor.

FastCap Glubot


  • Cleaner glue application with less pushout
  • Holds plenty of glue
  • Cap works well, little maintenance required


  • The cap can leak under high pressure

Watch out for:

  • Cold weather thickens glue, requiring more pressure to excrete which may cause leaks

Verdict: Verdict Literally.

There's not too much to say about the FastCap Glubot; It does what its supposed to with little effort. I actually received this as a gift and was initially skeptical of its potential utility. However, after the first couple uses it became clear that this would be a useful tool. Using the Glubot saves you quite a bit of effort compared to traditional glue dispensors. First, the dual chamber enables precise volumes of glue to be applied to your work surface and it creates a vacuum when you release it that pulls the excess glue back into the bottle. Next, the shape of the tip is ideal for glue application: It has a thin orphis with a wide applicator which enables you to apply a thin layer of glue across the surface area of the joint easily and quickly. One of the biggest perks is that the tip of the applicator stays clean because the excess glue is pulled back into the chamber. This combined with the silicon cap effectively saves you from fiddling with the cap on the traditional glue bottles when it warps or glue dries in the orphis.

I did have some trouble with this product during the colder months (my garage is not insulated or heated) where the glue inside the unit would thicken and require much more force to get it out of the chamber. Eventually what happened to me is that the glue breached the fill cap under pressure and would not go through the actual applicator orphis. During the colder months I did stop using it for this reason. After a while I went back and applied Teflon Tape to the threads of the fill cap and haven't had an issue since.

For the price, you really can't go wrong with this thing, it makes joinery much easier and cleaner. This makes a great gift as well because its may not be something that people would think to try.

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